Beverage Destruction Services

Beverage Destruction Services

When you need reliable beverage destruction services, Sledgehammer Product Destruction is on top of the situation, offering high quality destruction and beverage recycling services. Keeping your product out of the landfill and helping to reduce your carbon footprint are two of our highest priorities when you reach out to us to discuss your unique situation. Drinks that are expired or unfit for consumption can take up a lot of room in your warehouse and leave you with a dilemma that’s not easy to solve; fortunately, one call to Sledgehammer and we’ll provide a cost-effective solution.

Q: What are food and beverage waste destruction services?

A: Product destruction companies exist to streamline the process of destroying out-dated product and recycling packaging to keep it out of the local landfill. At Sledgehammer, we’ve found that most companies in the food & beverage industry want to do everything possible to protect the environment, and are actively searching for an agency that offers beverage destruction and recycling.

Q: Are the product destruction costs worth it for companies like mine?

A: If you thought it was too costly or time-consuming to hire someone for food and beverage waste services, we have great news for you- there’s a cost-effective alternative to having expired product hauled away to the landfill. Our packaged food and beverage destruction services are budget-friendly and will assist your business with the process of going green.

Q: How important is beverage destruction and package recycling?

A: With strict guidelines in place that monitor how long your product can be on the shelf, it’s no wonder food and beverage waste is becoming a problem throughout the US and around the world. The fact is, the problem is only getting worse over time, leaving companies to search and find a low-cost solution to destroying product contents without filling landfills with plastic and aluminum. The ideal beverage destruction services include package recycling, a service that will save rapidly declining resources and make them available to be reused.

Q: Are there additional benefits to choosing a product destruction service?

A: Absolutely! One of the most overlooked perks of choosing product destruction comes from being able to share your story with existing and potential customers. Joining the ‘green’ team gives you the opportunity to shine in the eyes of a watching world. Make no mistake- many who see your product on store shelves are waiting to see what you do in light of the world-wide message to go green. A recycling label on your product will show them what you’re made of.

Q: How involved will I need to be in the process?

A: Once we’ve drawn up a customized plan for your company, and received your approval to move forward, we’ll take it from there- you’ll have more time on your hands to concentrate on day-to-day operations rather than worrying about how to deal with out-dated product. We’ll handle all collections, container unpacking, segregation, sorting, package recycling, and more. You’ll receive an authentic Certification of Destruction when the process is complete.

If you’d like to discuss your product destruction needs with someone from our team, we welcome your phone call at 562-210-0075. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Beverage Destruction Services
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Beverage Destruction Services
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Beverage Destruction Services

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