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Coastal Machinery


Wilco Manufacturing, LLC specializes in offering custom equipment that meets your needs. Our technicians offer training and instruction to operators on the operation and maintenance of our marsh excavator equipment during assembly. We have established an excellent relationship with contractors because we help their businesses grow. We offer amphibious excavator rental services and match clients to the best wetland equipment rentals.

Mini Amphibious Carriers

We have mini swamp buggies and mini amphibious carriers designed to navigate boggy swamp environments. They are perfect for hunting, farming, navigation, and construction over swampy waters and thick mud. No matter your needs, our wetland equipment has got you covered.

We are focused on your needs, and that is why we customize our marsh excavator services to fit your requirements. Since they are customized to your specific needs, our carriers are expensive and always helpful. Depending on your project needs, we design the carrier for the same terrain and the workload.

We include floatation capabilities in our amphibious carriers, and you end up getting more than a machine that moves. Our carriers are stable enough to navigate through wetlands and come fitted with large pontoons that are customizable. This ensures the best stability and balance of your machine. If you want to add a mini amphibious carrier to your business, call us today, and we guarantee you quality equipment.

Amphibious excavators

Our amphibious excavators are aimed at customer satisfaction and getting the job done. We want to surpass your expectations and other machines limitations by making sure we match you with top-quality machines for your projects. If you need an excavator for remediation, dredging, pond cleaning, navigation, or transportation, our excavators are down for the job. Their low-ground pressure, lightweight, and flexible turning ability make them ideal for areas where surface damage is not allowed.

Other than our state-of-the-art excavators, we custom make the pontoons of every excavator to offer you the best stability and balance. By doing this, we ensure the highest flotation level of the excavator. Our trademarked pontoon features work for all our amphibious excavators. We have several options for the amphibious machine.

Pontoon finish is sandblasted, then sprayed with primer and zinc coating, and then a poly coat.

Knuckle bottom enhances turning, boosts tracking, and gives the excavator the ability to climb inclines of 60 degrees.

Rush ram adjustments boost the longevity of the pontoon and track chain.

The recessed track technology keeps large debris from penetrating the pontoons and keeps the track cleats from bending.

We manufacture any size carrier powered by DEUTZ, CUMMINS, CAT, ISUZU, KUBOTA, DETROIT, or JOHN DEERE. Each amphibious carrier we manufacture is carefully deliberated on how and where it will be used. We have various mast lengths and payloads for terrain, drilling, workers on deck, auxiliary components, and dimensions.

Seismic Drill Buggies

Our seismic drill buggies operate using hydraulics on the carriers and are designed from aluminum or steel. We work closely with clients during the manufacturing and design process to customize every seismic buggy to your exact needs. We create various seismic drills, including explosive drills, shot hole drills, boomer source rigs, seismic vibrator rigs, and sparker rigs. When designing your seismic drill buggy, we consider your terrain, equipment dimensions, payloads, auxiliary components, mast length for drilling, and personnel working on the decks.

Wilco Manufacturing, LLC is your go-to company for marsh excavators. Please contact our marsh buggies sales reps at 337-235-1715 or toll-free at 1-800-253-0869 to learn more about our products.


Coastal Machinery
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