concrete sawing Lenexa KS

concrete sawing Lenexa KS

From minor projects like simple slab sawing to major projects like cutting a multi-story concrete building into half, KC Coring & Cutting remains your reliable expert in fine concrete sawing in Lenexa, KS. We dedicate every available resource at our disposal to executing your concrete sawing job safely and professionally. You can always count on us for excellent, prompt services.

Why Is Concrete Cutting Important?

Concrete cutting is an important process in many construction projects. Concrete cutting may be necessary when there is need to modify any concrete structure like walls and slabs. Instead of breaking down an entire concrete structure and pouring a new one from scratch, concrete can be cut to the right shape and size. Flat sawing is used to cut the upper portion of concrete for a flat surface. Wall sawing creates openings for a wall or doorway. This can be applicable in tunnels, dams, and bridges. Many residential and commercial projects need concrete cutting.

How Deep Can A Concrete Saw Cut?

The depth a concrete saw will cut is dependent on the diameter of the blade as well as the power source. Concrete saws generally use a composite resin abrasive wheel or diamond blades. They are typically available in 12 or 14-inch sizes. Most of the saws in the market will give just about 4.5 inches of cutting depth. An offset-drive cut-off saw, however, will cut up to 10 inches of concrete while using the full 14-inche diameter of its blades. Diamond chainsaws will be required for special projects that need deep concrete sawing in Lenexa, Kansas. There are also some hydraulic-powered concrete chainsaws that can cut as deep as 24 inches. They are used for special projects.

How Do You Cut Concrete with A Concrete Saw?

To successfully cut concrete with a concrete saw, lots of things are involved. For a start, you will need the right concrete saw with the right masonry blade which are most often diamond blades. There are dry-cutting diamond blades and wet-cutting diamond blades. Depending on the project you have at hand, choose the right blade and follow the tips below:

  • Follow all safety protocols
  • Ensure you use water for the wet-cutting blade and even the dry-cutting blade if there is need
  • Never force a blade into a cut, but allow the weight of the saw and blade to do the job

How Can You Ensure Safety During Concrete Cutting?

To ensure safety during concrete cutting, follow the tips below:

  • Always wear protective gear
  • Understand all the tools you are using
  • Plan the process properly
  • Work at a safe speed and never attempt to speed things up
  • Handle interruption properly and never leave a running saw on the ground.

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For more information about our concrete sawing in Lenexa, KS, contact us today at KC Coring & Cutting. Our services are affordable, detailed, and highly professional. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you. With us, you are guaranteed to get excellent and prompt services.

concrete sawing Lenexa KS
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concrete sawing Lenexa KS
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concrete sawing Lenexa KS
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