Check out Dynamis online for concrete repair products that are easy to use and easy on the environment. Our green products make your concrete repair projects a breeze and save you money by eliminating the need to replace concrete flooring. Choose from complete resurfacing options and patch kits to grout and crack repair kits to deal with damaged concrete once and for all. Dynamis EPO concrete repair products outperform and outlast others and give you a professional surface to work on in just hours. Browse our inventory online to find:

  • Dynaweight Dynamic balancing Compound for balancing electric motor rotors
  • Pour Flex 150 Potting Compound for sealing submersible pump leads & parts
  • EPO Patch Concrete Patch Kit for filling holes, pits, and cracks in concrete surfaces
  • EPO Joint Sealant Repair Kit for sealing control joints, construction joints, and concrete floor cracks
  • EPO Coat NS for a flawless, non-skid coating on your concrete surface
  • Z Tec Ceramic Epoxy Pump Repair for repairing, protecting and re-lining pumps & process equipment
  • Dyna Glue, the best industrial-strength epoxy adhesive gel available for cement, styrofoam, fiberglass, wood, steel, and more.
  • EPO Anchoring Cement for filling anchor bolt holes
  • EPO Resurfacer Kit for filling large holes and fixing extensive damage in concrete flooring

Can a DIY Concrete Repair Product Deliver Good Results?

Be selective when purchasing a concrete repair kit from the Web as not all products are made to the same standards of quality. For exceptional results repairing residential or commercial concrete surfaces, Dynamis has the right product for every repair job. You have only to contact one of our specialists for assistance in choosing a repair kit that corresponds to the job-at hand to experience results that exceed your expectations.

How Do I Choose a Reputable Epoxy Manufacturer?

Look at the reputation of the company you plan to do business with to see how well they are meeting the needs of their customers. You’ll find reviews and testimonials available throughout the Web on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, the BBB, and many others. Check out Dynamis’s customer reviews on our website or your preferred directory and you’ll get a sense of our commitment to your customer experience. As you search for a product that delivers long-lasting results and a company that stands behind their products, choosing Dynamis will ensure your satisfaction.

Learn More on Our Blog

You’ll find a wealth of information located on our website’s blog, including informative articles and posts, instruction about using our concrete repair kits, and so much more. Nothing Beats Dynamis products for affordability and value because no other company has the same commitment to you, our customer.

Before choosing a product from another manufacturer, spend just a few moments on our website comparing costs and value. Dynamis products outperform and outlast the competition, and they’re easy to use, so you’ll see great results every time you use them, whether it’s for repairing small cracks, filling large holes or pits in concrete flooring, or waterproofing submersible parts.


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