Product Destruction Near Me

Product Destruction Near Me

If you are wondering where you can find product destruction near me, Sledgehammer Product destruction handles many different types of waste. Whether you are dealing with e-waste, unwanted products, or document destruction, we can help.

How do I get rid of counterfeit, faulty, or unwanted products?

Counterfeit goods, faulty, and unwanted products are a major concern for businesses. The European Union alone seized 115 million items in 2011. That is nowhere near an unusual amount. In 2019, the United States seized $1.5 billion worth of product in a tidal wave of products worth over $1 trillion.

Manufacturers and retailers deal with more than counterfeit products. Faulty products and goods that sit well past their date become waste. Special companies help destroy these products in ways that prevent harm to the community.

Do I need to handle the destruction of counterfeit goods?

Patent-owners continue to gain new security against the sale of counterfeit goods. The senate proposed the Counterfeit Goods Seizure Act of 2019. While you can easily report fake items which the government will seize, you may also want to help stem the tide.

It is illegal to sell these products and shelf space is limited. Getting rid of them faster than it takes the government to act can save time and money. While you are not obligated to destroy these products, you should while contacting the government in the process.

What are the dangers associated with disposing of counterfeit goods?

Destroying counterfeit products requires more care than the disposal of regulated products. Many of these products come from countries in Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa where regulations are not as strict or enforced. They contain harmful chemicals that do damage to agencies and companies improperly disposing of them.

Many products turn into organics waste or toxic waste. Dyes, compounds used in beauty products, and paints all pose the risk of creating an environmental or health issue to those in contact with them. Allowing chemicals to leach into landfills is particularly problematic.

What happens to my destroyed products?

Secure product destruction companies remove all traces of logos, sensitive data, and harmful compounds prior to or during the shredding process. Goods are thoroughly destroyed with no trace of their origins or original intent.

Only after this process can minerals and other valuables be recycled. Sledgehammer Product Destruction takes measures backed by certification that properly dispose of these goods.

Certified product recycling serving Corona CA

If you are left wondering where there is product destruction near me, look no further than Sledgehammer Product Destruction. We are certified to handle all types of products, electronics, documents, data, ballast, lightbulbs, batteries, and more. Protect your brand with proper product destruction services in Corona.

With our fleet of box trucks, cargo vans, and trailers at your service, there is no reason to act to preserve your reputation and open shelf space. Get in touch with our specialists for a free quote today. Call 562-210-0075 or visit us online for more information.



Product Destruction Near Me
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Product Destruction Near Me
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Product Destruction Near Me Product Destruction Near Me

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