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Raccoon Removal Newmarket

Raccoon Removal Newmarket

Raccoons are medium-sized mammals that are common in North America. While raccoons may look cute, they are wild animals and can be dangerous. Raccoons can get into your home, underneath your deck or crawlspace, or seek shelter behind a porch stairs. Raccoons can cause a lot of damage to your home, and they can be challenging to get rid of. The best way to properly control these animals is with professional raccoon removal in Newmarket. At SIA Wildlife Control, we provide excellent wildlife removal services for a variety of intrusive animals, including raccoons.

Do I Have Raccoons Living Under My Home?

Raccoons often look for shelter any place they can find it. They typically feast on garbage and they scaveng around neighborhoods looking for food. Raccoons usually live in wooded or unpopulated areas near water, but travel close to homes to locate better sources of food. Raccoons are nocturnal, so they are most active during the nighttime hours. During the night, they seek refuge in garages, attics, and under decks and porches. You may have raccoons if you notice your garbage is knocked over or hear the animals moving around. Raccoons can be dangerous, especially if they are protecting their young. If you think you have raccoons, you should call in an expert in raccoon removal in Newmarket.

The Dangers of Raccoons

Raccoons generally tend to stay away from humans. However, they can become angry when they are provoked. Raccoons can attack or bite small pets and may even be a danger to children and adults. They can also become infected with rabies and roundworms, making them even more hazardous. They have strong jaws and teeth so that they can chew through plastic garbage receptacles and wood on porches and homes. Since they can become aggressive, you shouldn’t try to get rid of raccoons on your own. Only specialists such as SIA Wildlife Control have the training, expertise and equipment necessary to handle raccoon removal in Newmarket.

How Do You Remove Raccoons?

Raccoon removal in Newmarket is best left to professionals. The best way to resolve a raccoon problem is to capture the critters and relocate them to an area that is not near people. We trap these destructive animals so we can remove them from your property. If the raccoons are living inside your home or garage, we will install a special one-way door so they cannot return once they leave. One of our wildlife experts will inspect your home and property to determine where the raccoons are so we can adequately remove them. It is best to remove female raccoons prior to spring before they give birth to their young.

Call for Raccoon Removal in Newmarket

If you believe you have raccoons living in or around your home, don’t delay. Call SIA Wildlife Control as soon as possible. We will evaluate the situation and find out where the wildlife is living. Then, we will install the traps and baits that we know are successful in capturing these nocturnal mammals. Once a trap captures a raccoon, we will quickly return to your home and remove the animal for relocation. Call SIA Wildlife Control today for raccoon removal.

Raccoon Removal Newmarket
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Raccoon Removal Newmarket Raccoon Removal Newmarket

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