Microwave Repair & Service

microwave_appliance_repair_los_angelesIs your microwave not working, or are you experiencing one of these common microwave problems?

  • There are sparks inside the microwave
  • The microwave’s turntable isn’t turning
  • The microwave is getting no power at all
  • Microwave seems to be running, but is not heating food
  • The microwave is making loud buzzing sounds or other strange sounds
  • The microwave starts, but turns off before it should
  • The buttons or display of the microwave aren’t working

Fixing your microwave may require addressing any number of problems, such as shorted HV diode, transformer, capacitor, or magnetron, faulty or shorted wiring, bad filament, defective interlock switch, loose terminal connections, oxidized connections, or damage or defect to any of of the microwave’s other intricate parts.

While this may sound complicated, our repair technicians are trained at troubleshooting and repairing microwave ovens. For more than 20 years, AMPM Appliance Repair has proudly served residents and business owners throughout the Los Angeles area to keep their appliances operating properly.

Contact us at 800-343-6011 and we’ll send one of our friendly microwave repair experts to quickly diagnose and fix the problem. Our microwave repair techs carry a vast inventory of parts for all makes and models of appliances to ensure that we can handle just about any type of residential or commercial repair on the spot!

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