Service of Washer and Dryer Repair in Malibu, CA

dryer appliance repair los angelesBroken Washer and Dryer in Malibu? Are you experiencing any these common clothes dryer problems in Malibu, CA?

We know that you want your washer or dryer need in working condition as quickly as possible, That is why Our most experience washer and dryer repair technicians are here in Malibu, CA to save you time.

  • The dryer won’t dry! Clothes are still wet even after the cycle completes
  • The drum of the dryer spins, but there is no heat
  • The dryer doesn’t dry as well as it used to, it takes longer to dry clothes
  • The dryer is getting too hot
  • There seems to be no power going to the dryer
  • The dryer drum won’t spin although the motor is running

Your dryer problems could be the result of a number of causes including a bad fuse, faulty temperature switch, bad thermostat, faulty heating coils, broken or malfunctioning timer, broken belt, problem with the motor or idle pulleys, malfunctioning roller, or a clogged vent.

Contact AMPM Appliance Repair in Malibu at 800-343-6011. We’ll send one of our friendly, professional washer and dryer repair technicians to quickly diagnose and fix the problem. Our Malibu washer and dryer techs carry a vast inventory of parts for all makes and models of dryers to ensure that we can handle just about any type of residential or commercial washer and dryer repair on the spot.

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ampmService of Washer and Dryer Repair in Malibu, CA